Our Services







Talent Representation & Management -

if you're a professional athlete, trainer, and manager (or aspiring to be one) then you're in the right place

Transfer Management & Negotiations -

if you're a club or agent looking to find the right player that fits your team's profile then look no further

Brand Building -

worried about your "brand" and value? We help you maximize your outreach with our trained team of professionals

Career Planning -

thinking ahead beyond just the next move? Let's sit together and draw up a career trajectory that places stepping stones and short-term goals towards the future

Legal & Financial Consulting -

don't worry about signing documents that you're unsure of from your employer, national association or any other party. Our lawyers will make sure you know what you're getting into






Succession Planning -

if you're unsure about where you want to be and what you want to do after you've retired from the playing field, then let's look at your options together

Arranging Training Camps  & preparation matches  -

if your team wants to plan a mid-season break, pre-season training camp or lucrative matches in new markets, then we'll tap into our network to suit your needs

Education and off-the-field support -

don't worry about learning the language in your new environment, your children finding the right schools in the neighborhood, or learning how to handle the media, we'll arrange it all

Sponsorships -

if you're in need of sponsors for your professional event, then let's talk about the options

Media & PR -

we will do the talking for you off the pitch, field or court to make sure you're only focused on improving on it